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Who is Gary?

For more than three decades I have worked as a business growth consultant with an emphasis on helping owners make their companies attractive to buyers.

Much like a general contractor, I help clients identify the business and personal goals they want to reach. I coordinate the activities of all of the specialists and team members and work with them to chart the best course to take them to the desired destination. When the seas get rough, I help them navigate the tricky parts.

Our Team and Resources

We partner with talented individuals across industries to ensure that the best resources available are provided to our clients.

Gary Fitzmartin

Gary is passionate about helping owners build strong teams to grow and eventually exit successfully,
If you understand that you don't have all the answers and believe in constant learning, you will enjoy working with him.

Core Team

When planning to transition ownership, you need a core team (CPA, Lawyer, Banker, etc.) to succeed. When a member of your teem lacks the skill or current knowledge needed, we have a group of vetted pros we  recommend.

Exit / Transition Specialists

When it is time to prepare your company for sale you need unique resources. We work with M&A pros, investment bankers, ESOP specialists and others that have the required skills.


Every business is unique and requires tools and support materials .
We provide access to a broad spectrum of tools and resources to fulfill your needs.

My Mission

Help clients add so much value to their business and personal lives that they are unable to imagine returning to how they previously did things.
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How I Help Businesses


My experience spans a multitude of industries and multiple decades. I have the knowledge, real-world experience and insights needed to address issues you may not even realize you have.


My network of profession service prividers is extensive and contains dozens of individuals that have been vetted and with whom we have worked in the past. When clients need a specialist I introduce them to a vetted resource.

Teach not do

My ultimate goal is to teach clients how to fish, not to sell them fish. Clients learn systems that work and learn to use the tools that they need to effectively run their businesses. When they are confident that they are ready I step aside and enjoy watching them chart their course forward.

When you aren't sure what your next transition in business looks like...
Ask us!

Exit planning isn't really exit planning. It's just good business planning for your next transition.  Are you ready to start a conversation?
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