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Our Process

At Northstar, our mission is help our clients to use the right tools to chart the best course to their ultimate destination.


It Takes A Team of Pros To Put A Successful Transition Together!

When you build a house you engage a General Contractor to coordinate and manage the team required to succeed (Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Masons, HVAC, etc.).

To design and implement a successful business exit or ownership transition you also need a Team of Pros that will include, in addition to the owner and leadership team, your: CPA, Financial Planner, Lawyer, Insurance Pro, Banker and numerous other specialists.

Northstar is the "General Contractor" you need to coordinate and manage your transition process.

Establish the starting point

Gather all of the information necessary to understand where you are today, where you want to go and lay our the best course.

Accelerate your business value

Following the planned course, focus effort and energy on building the value of the business and steering a true course forward.

Exit when you and the business are ready

Ensure that whenever the time comes to transition the ownership of the business, that the business and the owner are prepared.

Step 1


The Discovery phase of Value Acceleration can take from 2-days to several months and includes:

Gather the facts

Meet with the owner and their team to build a complete and comprehensive picture or exactly where the business is as well as getting clarity on what the owner's plans are for their "post transition" life.

Publish the findings

Based upon the facts, a statement of current business value is generated along with a number of other documents to help the owner fully understand the true value of the business from both an internal point of view as well as from the point of view of a potential buyer.

Design and present a clear plan of action

Based upon the facts, a business plan is designed to steadily and progressively grow the value of the business. While defining longer term goals, the plan is constructed to be implemented in 90-day sprints, with clearly measurable benchmarks to be attained during each sprint. Owner and team commitment to the plan completes the discovery portion of the Value Acceleration process.

Step 2


The Preparation phase of Value Acceleration can take from a few quarters to many years, depending upon how the "keep/sell" question is answered.

Reducing Risk

Because buyers, like bankers, are "risk adverse" one of the most efficient ways to quickly increase the value of any business is to focus on initiatives the reduce risk.

Every risk reduction element serves two purposes. First it increases the value of the business in the eyes of buyers. Secondly, most initiatives have a positive long term impact of the profitability of the business that is maintained even when the business is not sold.

Post "Risk Reduction" initiatives

Following the rapid implementation of the "Risk Reduction" initiatives, the focus will shift to larger and longer term initiatives which will varry from company to company. These may focus of increasing sales, improving manufacturing efficiency or implementing a major software initiative. Again, the focus is always on what will have the greatest impact on increasing value.

Review and accountability

While staff meetings are conducted every week and every month, at the end of each 90-day sprint (quarter) a review is conducted and each member of the team is held accountable for the "Rock(s)" for which they had responsibility during the sprint. The performance of every member of the team is visible to every other member and accountability for achieveing goals is a core focus. These reviews end with a celebration of goals achieved and new "Rocks" being assigned for the next sprint.

Step 3


The Decision Phase of the process occurs during the progress review held upon the conclusion of every 90-day sprint.

Decide "Sell" or "Keep and build"

At the end of every 90-day sprint the progress of the last 90-days is evaluated and the owner and their team make a formal decision to either keep the business and continue to build even greater value OR to sell the business.

If "Keep and build"

When the decision made is to keep the business and continue to build even greater value, the focus of the meeting shifts to discussing what the most important initiatives for the next 90-day sprint are. Successes are celebrated, new Rocks are assigned and measurable goals are established.

If "Sell"

When the decision is made that it is now time to sell the business, the focus changes. Northstar is typically invited to participate in a more active way with exploring the available options, evaluating the pros and cons of each and making a decision on when and to whom the business will be sold. This process will now become the focus of the 90-day sprints and the sale of a business will typically take from 6-months to a year to complete.

Some of our success stories

Office Furniture Dealership

Contracted to "fix" a $3.5M dealership that was losing money and about to be shut down.

Restructured business and grew revenue to $19.7M over a 3 years period while growing to a 13.9% IBITDA.

Powder Coating Plant

Worked with the owner for just short of three years to develop systems and processes to improve plant efficiency, implement “product costing systems” and develop clearer definition of all employee roles.

Helped negotiate the successful sale of the business in late 2019, with the owner retiring to enjoy travel and family.

Metal Shelving Manufacturer

Engaged to restructure and sell a $37M division of a $700M parent company.

Addressed unfair labor law suits, corrected manufactuing inefficiencies, adjusted product offering and distribution channels attaining profitability and negotiating the sale of the division in 31 months.

When you build a house you hire a General Contractor to lead the team.

Trust Northstar Business Advisors to coordinate the team of pros that will design and implement your business exit or transition.


Industries we work with

With 30+ years of experience working with companies around the world you can rest assured we can help you.


Our experience spans working with small run machine shop operations to 800+ employee production facilities working with metal, plastic, wood and other materials.

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Service Industries

With engagements that range from working with insurance agencies, corporate benefits management, escape rooms, chemical process sales, CPA firms, outsourced IT, hearing aid sales to custom software design, we are confident that our knowledge will transfer to whatever challenges your business may be facking.

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Medical Device and Healthcare

Healthcare clients include dental offices, private practices as well as working with hospitals. Medical device engagements have included X-ray and surgical suite equipment, lighting products, sound masking systems and a multitude of waiting and patient room furniture manufacurers.

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