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Who we help

At Northstar, our mission is help our clients to use the right tools to chart the best course to their ultimate destination.



Transitioning the ownership of the company you built may be the most difficult challenge that you will ever face.

When competing in yacht races, Gary always included a tactician/navigator with local knowledge of currents and winds to help plot the winning course. Northstar functions as your navigator to ensure the most successful outcome possible.

Owners select Northstar because we have 30+ years of experience helping owners navigate the uncharted and tricky waters through which you need to make passage.

Leadership Teams

Often it is the company leadership or employees to whom ownership of a business will be transferred.

Selecting the best possible structure for this type of business sale is complex and can be daunting. Northstar has helped find the best possible options for dozens of clients and would be honored to help your team chart the right course for your company.

Family Businesses

Transitioning the ownership of a business to “family”
presents a unique set of challenges.

In addition to all of the challenges associated with every business ownership transition, family transitions add another layer of complexity; much of which will be highly charged emotionally.

In family transitions Northstar strives to ensure that there is transparency in every aspect of the process so that the best option for all concerned is identified and all vested family members have been included.


Not all matches are made in heaven and consequently partnerships transitions can be difficult to navigate.

Often, two or more good friends started a business and have subsequently grown in different directions.

If you need help unwinding a partnership, we have helped many partnerships chart a path through these very murky waters.

When you aren't sure what your next transition in business looks like...
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Exit planning isn't really exit planning. It's just good business planning for your next transition.  Are you ready to start a conversation?
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